Annual Sponsorship Tips

When you have annual sponsorship opportunities, consider the following low-cost-to-you options that will make all of the difference to your sponsors:


Have a place on your website for all event and general sponsorships.

Having a sponsorship tab on your website or blog will make it easier for potential sponsors to budget AND it will give you an opportunity to list who the current sponsor is.

Remember to:

  • Have different sponsorship levels for every event and sponsorship opportunity
  • Make sure your contact information is on the page so that potential sponsors can easily contact you


Keep a document of all sponsorship opportunities readily available to hand out at any time.

Make sure the document has all of the opportunities along with price ranges, dates of sponsorships and where you will be promoting / mentioning their business.

  • Make sure the document is professional yet attractive and creative! This is something that the sponsor will take back to their office, so you want it to not only relay the information but to also give a great first impression

*Tip: Don’t forget to follow up! Send thank you cards, call to say thank you and invite the sponsor to your future events.*