Simple Fall Marketing Ideas

Fall is upon us, and with the changing weather, comes a change in spending habits. Summer is over, students are back to school, and consumers are already planning ahead by saving for the holiday season (which will be here before you know it!) With this in mind, a change in your marketing strategies may be in order. Here are some simple ideas to freshen up your business’ marketing plan for the changing season.

sporacio-cherry-fall-20071.Host an Instagram photo contest. 

Fall is a gorgeous time, when the colors of the leaves change and people are outside at sporting events, fall festivals, pumpkin patches, cider mills and more. Why not challenge your customers to share their best fall pictures with you on Instagram? Or if your business features some fall specific items (i.e. pumpkin spice, fall decor, etc.), challenge customers to share photos of themselves using your products.Be sure they tag your business in the photo.  Those that do so, receive a special discount or incentive from your business.  Be sure to be specific about your promotion, and include any conditions or restrictions, as well as a clear end date for your promotion.

2. Utilize your local media outlets.

Fall high school sports are beginning now as well. Many local media outlets use this time to feature specific local teams on posters, game programs or local radio broadcasts. Contact your local newspaper and radio stations and check out what options they have available to you. You could be included on media that is utilized throught the entire season.

3. Donate to local auctions.

Many organizations use this time of year to organize their big fundraising events.  Often times, one of the big portions of the event is a silent auction.  Create a gift basket, highlighting products available at your business, or donate a gift certificate for a service that you offer. Be sure to include your business information and logo, so that even if someone bids on your item but doesn’t win it, they know where to find it to purchase it themselves.  This is a great opportunity to help a local cause and to promote name recognition of your business within your community.

4. Hold a can drive event.

In keeping with the theme of goodwill, why not hold a canned food drive.  Offer your patrons a discount or special incentive on your services if they bring in a certain number of canned goods.  This could increase traffic to your business, and also help promote commuity goodwill. Be sure to be clear to participants where their donation is going. Again, you have a chance to benefit a local food pantry or shelter, and could inspire others to do the same.

5. Reusable shopping bags.

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, why not get your business in everyone’s mind by offering a free reusable shopping bag with your business name and logo featured prominently on the front.  That way, as your customers make their way around town to make their purchases, they are carrying a little piece of your advertising with them.  In order to offset the cost of the bag, you could require patrons make a minimum purchase in order to receive the bag.

These are just a couple of simple ideas to make the most out of your marketing dollar and to help you make the transition from the sizzling days of summer to the cool, crisp autumn afternoons. How does YOUR marketing strategy shift from summer to fall? Share your ideas here. Happy fall!