How to Create a News Release

Step 1: Click on the News Release tab 


Step 2: Click on the Add News Release tab 


To add a news release click on the job posting tab. You can also manage all your news release postings by clicking on the manage news release tab.

Step 3: Add the General Information and Release Date


In the add news release tab, you will be able to specify all the details of your news release. Add all the content of your news release in the content area, including text, links, and images.

Step 4: Select a Results Logo


Add a search result logo to make your new release stand out in the categories in which it will display.

Step 5: Add contact information and submit your News Release for approval or save it as a draft for further editing


Add all the contact information that you want to display. When your news release is complete, click submit for approval to submit the news release for approval or save as draft if you want to edit it at a later stage.

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