Is your business in need of rebranding?

Has your business encountered extraneous variables that have forced you to re-evaluate your business model and/or your direction? Have you been asking yourself questions such as: “Is our brand still telling the whole story of who we are?” or “What is our brand saying about us?”

Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that has impacted your growth potential?

If you are feeling pigeonholed as something that no longer accurately defines you, it may be time to consider rebranding yourself.

The board of directors of the Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce has recently completed a 3-year strategic plan and is refocusing our attention to areas that provide more value for members. Generally speaking, the chamber has historically been an event-focused organization and we are looking to become more business-oriented. As the economic climate changes, we must adapt in order to stay relevant.

In the last year alone we have made several technological advancements with additions such as online bill pay, mychamberapp, a stronger social media presence, an electronic weekly newsletter and aiding in the county-wide certification process, to name a few. We will continue to advance in these areas but that is just a piece of the big picture. Of course, we will still run most of our events as they are great networking opportunities and who doesn’t like a nice day out once in a while?

While events are our primary funding source, next to membership dues, and are necessary to cover operational and program costs, we plan to use more of that money to provide educational workshops, offer speakers on topics such as the impending healthcare issues, customer service, marketing of your business, surviving in a global economy and any other prevailing legislative concerns.

With these and so many other changes taking place at the chamber, we felt it was necessary to reposition ourselves as an innovator, leading the charge for the long term interests of our member’s businesses. As part of the rebranding process, we felt it pertinent to give ourselves a new logo that articulates our new direction and sets the stage for what businesses can expect from us. The intention of our new logo is to evoke thoughts of advancement and progression. We also serve as an information hub for the area so the new logo represents direction as well. There are several cues hidden in our new logo that speak to people differently and that is what it is supposed to do. Loretta Heiney can be credited with the creation of our new logo and should be commended for the amount of thought and creativity behind the final product.


(Left: Old logo | Right: New logo) I challenge you to take a long, critical look at your current brand, including your logo and ask yourself if you are telling the story you want to be telling and will that story lead you successfully in to the distant future. Ask yourself, “If we were starting this business today, would this be the brand solution that we would come up with?” The answer may surprise you.