How to Get Donations & Sponsors

How to Get Donations and SponsorsWhen searching for a Title Sponsor remember that you are selling visibility! Their sponsorship is an investment in their branding. They will be paying to have their business associated with a worthwhile event (because your event serves a purpose – see the last post).

*Tip – Seek sponsorship from businesses that try to advertise to the market your event is targeting!*

Different Types of Donations

·         Corporate Contributions –
Corporations usually have a charity budget that they can draw from to donate to your organization or event.

·         In Kind –
Maybe a business has a service that could benefit your event? A really useful in kind donation is printing (flyers!!). Maybe a business has something that they can donate to your business (furniture, technology, bottled water, etc.)

·         Corporate Sponsorship –

Corporations can draw from their advertising & marketing budget. Like an event sponsor, you are selling visibility!
When asking for sponsorships KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SELLING.

Make the sponsorship seem valuable to the potential sponsor by telling them exactly what they will be getting in return.Know the dollar value.

Having different sponsorship packages can be very appealing to a potential sponsor. Different types of businesses need different types of promotion.

Include things in your sponsorship packages like:

·         Website advertisements

·         Promotion on your social media accounts

·         Links to sponsor in your newsletters

·         Promotion on event flyers / Their business flyers in your work place

When presenting the sponsorship package to your potential sponsor tell them exact figures. Let them know how many people are going to see your Facebook post about them and for how many days those people saw it.

You should also keep the cost of your package parallel to the actual value. You’re trying to raise money – don’t over value your packages!

*Tip: The most expensive package that you offer should be greater than any donation that you have ever received.*

When purchasing advertising packages, businesses generally choose the middle option. They don’t want the cheapest thing and, in general, they won’t feel the need to be high end. HOWEVER some businesses go big or go home. You may be surprised by how many people purchase your largest package.