Ferris Get Outside Launched January 1

48374619_10215778111624482_2800467635047759872_oHappy New Year to all outdoor enthusiasts in the Ferris community!

January 1st launched the first day of FerrisGetOutside Sp19!  We are excited to encourage even more people to engage in the great outdoors, curious of what you all are up to, and looking forward to getting you more outdoor gear!

If you participated in FerrisGetOutside F18, we’ve made some changes which I’ll share in a minute.  If you have never participated … FerrisGetOutside is an engagement campaign for the Ferris community to encourage outdoor engagement through collecting and sharing visual stories (… photos).  Participants (can) win usable gear.  Anyone 18 years old+ can participate; however most winnings will be directed at students this Spring.  The report from FGO Fall 2018 can be found HERE! 

How does FerrisGetOutside Sp19 work??

Instead of a multi-week campaign, FGO Sp19 is a 4-month campaign spanning Jan 1- April 30, 2019!


  1. Register on Get Feedback (link below). Be prepared to upload a recent picture 21616199_10212336128577057_1095236247702964802_n(within 6 months) of you in outdoor activity, and your student ID/Banner ID.  Register once and double-check your email address for accuracy.


  1. Get outside from January 1 – April 30, 2019.


  1. Submit pictures showing you in outdoor activity through monthly photo upload surveys on Get Feedback by 11:59pm on/by the last day of Jan, Feb, March & April. Registrants will get links to these surveys via email, so check your email!


  1. Understand that photos with alcohol or otherwise deemed inappropriate will be disqualified. All photos may be used in marketing, promos, and documentation.


  1. Winning pictures will be chosen on Feb. 1, Mar. 1, April 1, & May 1. **see how to win below.

Follow @FerrisUREC for updates, information, polls, special challenges, and events.

Rules to Participate:

  1. Pictures need to prove participation (landscape pictures featuring participants will be accepted).


  1. Pictures need to be taken between 1/1/19-4/30/19.


  1. The submitter is identified as the winner.42157344_10215118351330887_2142660666014564352_n


  1. Pictures need to be taken with high quality.


  1. Anyone 18 years old or older can participate (or full time Ferris students under 18 years)


  1. Participant must be registered through Get Feedback


  1. All prizes need to be picked up at UREC (401 South Street, BR) within one week of notification. Any un-claimed prizes will be re-awarded.

How to win:

  • The first 50-75 people registered with a recent outdoor picture win a FGO Sp19 shirt (awarded middle/end of January).
  • Photo upload surveys will ask for pictures to compete specially for:
  • Participant’s choice awards (2 winners for students & 1 winner from faculty/staff)


  • January & February: Snow Fun, Michigan Outdoors & Ferris Pride
  • March & April: Growth/Learning, Michigan Outdoors & Ferris Pride
  • All photos can be eligible for Director’s Choice Awards

PLUS!!  Stay tuned for info on a Spring Break competition and additional events on campus.

Want to get outside in the snow, but do not have snowshoes or cross-country skis?  We rent them at the SRC for affordable prices!  Find more info on gear rentals here!  We are even looking at offering Sled Legs for rent!!

LASTLY, check out many of the pictures collected from FGO F18 at the SRC (between the stairs going to the upstairs fitness area)!

Alright, ready to register?  Click HERE!:


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