How to Create a Member to Member Deal


What are Member to Member DEALS?

Member to member deals are coupon postings, to the Mecosta County Chamber’s website, that can be printed and presented to member businesses.

Why would I want to utilize this?

The Member to member deals portion of our website is updated frequently, so people are ALWAYS checking it. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, to other members, about any sales or coupons your business has to offer. These offers are exclusively for members only.

Not sure how to create a job posting? Don’t you worry! Our how to guide is here.

Step 1: Click on the Member to Member Deals tab


Step 2: Click on the add Member to Member Deal tab


To add a Member to Member Deal, click on the Add Member to Member Deal tab. You can also manage all your Member to Member Deal postings by clicking on the Manage Member to Member Deals tab.

Step 3: Add the General Information and Category


Add the general information of your member to member deal here. Select the categories in which you would want your member to member deal to display.

Step 4: Add all the needed details to the Member to Member deal


Add all the details about the member to member deal here including text, images, and links.

Step 5: Add your offer start and end date and add an image


Select the start and end date of the offer and add a search result logo here.

Step 6: Add contact details, publish dates and save for further editing or submit for approval


Add all your contact details here. Select the dates that you want your member to member deal to be published. Save the member to member deal as a draft for further editing or click submit for approval.

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