How to Create a Job Posting


Does your business have a job opening that needs to be filled?

Post your job opening on Chamber Master today! Get the word out about the position in which your business is hiring. Leave a detailed description about the position and contact information for those who might be interested.

Why would I want to utilize this?

The Job Posting portion of our website is updated frequently, so people are ALWAYS checking it. This is a great opportunity to gain future employees.

Not sure how to create a job posting? Don’t you worry! Our how to guide is here.

Step 1: Click on the Job Postings tab


Step 2: Click on the Add Job Posting tab


To add a job posting click on the job posting tab. You can also manage all your job postings by clicking on the manage job posting tab.

Step 3: Add General Information and Category


Add job information here and select your categories.

Step 4: Add all needed contact information


Add your contact information to the job posting here.

Step 5: Select the desired dates and images then submit


Select the dates that the job posting must be posted for here. Add any images that you require here. Save the job posting as a draft for further editing or click submit to post the job ad.

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