2 Tips for planning a successful event.

Planning a successful event

When planning an event there are two things that you should remember:

1.      Your event should serve a purpose.

If your event’s sole purpose is just to have an event… you’re only creating more work for yourself. Your time is valuable and should be focused on things that will help grow your business or organization.

2.      You will need to be able to gauge if the event was successful.

Once the event is over, you will need to calculate if it was a success. To do this you will need to set goals for yourself and keep records of how it goes. You then need to ask yourself: How many people do I want to show up/how many people actually showed up? How much money do I want to profit? Was the overall purpose of the event fulfilled? You should also ASK your participants how they felt the event went. Profit means nothing if the majority of your participants left unhappy.

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